Private Encryptor 7.1

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Private Encryptor 7.1

Private Encryptor is a powerful PC encryption program that enables users to quickly render sensitive files and e-mail totally unreadable with a user specified password.  Manage a list of commonly encrypted files in a drag-and-drop friendly environment.  Features such as Self Decrypting Executables and encrypted e-mail make sending files and data across the internet a  breeze!

You also get the handy My Passwords program which helps you remember important website usernames and passwords, and My Private Notes to keep your most sensitive data safe and accessible. 

New in this version:

  • Better context menu support: file thumbnails now refresh more consistently when using the Explorer context menu, and error messages / warnings have been made more user friendly and helpful.
  • ZIP file bug fix: in previous versions of the program, ZIP files were displayed in the browser mode tree view when they really shouldn’t have been. This is fixed now.
  • Check for Upgrades: this feature has been modified slightly to make it easier to understand our upgrade policy.
  • New toolbar icons: these graphics have been totally re-made with a bigger, more modern look! Never again will you have to stare closely at your screen to figure out which icon to click on!



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