Safetica Personal 3.0.5

40.1 MB
Operating System
Windows Server Windows Vista Windows Xp
Encryption And Decryption

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Safetica Personal 3.0.5

Antivirus software and firewalls will not protect you from data loss.

Protect your personal data simply and for free at home or on journey. Delete unnecessary files reliably and unrecoverably. Create secure passwords and save them along with access data and secret information into secured databases. Work with archives of all common types including self-extracting and secured. Set the security level according to your needs with the security profiles. Get a new standard of personal data protection for free.

Main advantages:

  • Protection of important data at home and on journey. Encryption of files, hard and portable disks.
  • Secure removal of files, browser history, bin and temporary files. Non-recoverable
  • Reliable password manager. All passwords and secret data accessible with a single password.
  • Generator and password strength indicator. Safetica will help you create a strong enough password.
  • Safetica can work with common archives. It can also create self-extracting and secure archives.
  • Security profiles allow simple selection of the security level.

Safetica continuously decrypts the data while reading them and secures them during writing. It will never happen that a secured disk would contain some unsecured data. The user will not see any difference from a common disk and Safetica does not bother him with requests.



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