Secret Disk 1.16

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2.1 MB
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Windows Vista Windows Xp
Encryption And Decryption

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Secret Disk 1.16

Lets say you share computer, but still want to have some private files on it. Or you just dont want accidental person (like computer tech repair) find some secret files on your PC. There is a lot of software that can encrypt/decrypt your secret files but it can take a lot of time if you have many. Our solution lets you have separate disk on your PC which may be locked and unlocked with a password within one second! Moreover, when locked it is invisible in the Windows system.

Just install Secret Disk and choose a password. Then, start Secret Disk. Press unlock button, enter your password and you will see one more disk X: appears in My Computer area. You can now start working with your private files to save them to secret disk X. When you need protection just click icon in the tray area to lock secret disk and it will disappear within one second with all contents! When you want your files back, open Secret Disk tool, press Unlock button and enter your password. Its easy!

In case of power (or Windows) failure secret disk will be locked on next system boot. It happens automatically because secret disk information are kept in memory and if memory fails secret disk will not be restored on next system logon. This adds maximum protection for your files located on the disk.

Secret disk compatible with any files and folders. You can work with it as usual, as with your My Documents folder.

Secret Disk does not encrypt any files. Secret Disk only limit access to secret location with your files and ties virtual disk to it when needed. This will provide you enough security to hide your files from accident person taking control over your PC, but doesn’t guarantee top level security (because files stored on your disk ‘as is’, without encryption).


  • Separate disk for your private files – this tool will create separate disk for your private files.

    Access with a password – you can access Secret Disk with a password only!

  • Locking – when locking secret disk disappears and stays invisible with all contents.
  • One second protection – when you need protection Secret Disk disappears within one second with all content, no metter how many files you have on the disk.
  • Power failure – in case of power (or Windows) failure Secret Disk will be automatically locked.
  • Automatic locking – Secret Disk can be automatically locked if you away from your PC (screensaver is running) or when you press emergency F8 button.
  • No hardware – no additional hardware required! Space for secret disk will be taken from your system disk. 


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