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Secured eFile 4.4

Secured eFile is a file encryption software which provides strong and easy to use file security for organizations of all sizes. Files and folders are transferred across corporate networks on a daily basis, often without the necessary safeguards put in place. This puts the information at great risk.

Using centralized policies, Secured eFile can easily be used as a secure file & folder collaboration platform. Using Secured eFile’s built-in self-extraction option, you can communicate sensitive documents outside the organization as well without the receiving party needing to purchase the solution.

Secured eFile features Automatic Password & Key Management which allows users to work as they always have without needing to authenticate on eac action. Through central policies you can control when, where, and how users need to authenticate.

Secured eFile is a file encryption software and part of the Simple Encryption Platform, the worlds most scalable encryption platform. Start small and build at your own pace.

Secured eFile is designed to be a secure collaboration platform. Through centrally managed policies, you can set up secure groups, user access rights, user and group policies, etc. It’s also possible to automate this process by using one-way sync with Microsoft Active Directory, making use of your ready-made user rights and groups.


  • Simple Encryption Platform Integration: Secured eFile can easily be managed through the powerful SEP Administration Console, empowering the IT Administration to manage licenses, policies, user rights and to manage and set up secure communication groups through drag and drop experience.
  • System access protection: For enterprises that need an extra layer of security the Secured eFile solution offers a System Access feature protecting access to the secured data.
  • Intuitive workflow: The Secured eFile solution empowers the users to encrypt files and folders through intuitive and easy to use drag and drop encryption.
  • File encryption software with automated password/key management: Secured eFile, unlike many other file encryption softwares, can deliver automated password/key management that eliminates the password headache for both users and IT administrators.
  • Self-Extracting option :The self-extracting option creates an executable file containing the encrypted file(s). The recipient of the file simply double clicks on the file name and is then prompted to provide the correct password. The recipient does not need Secured eFile on their computer to decrypt the information.
  • Recovery password: The Secured eFile solution comes with a recovery password feature making it possible for business partners and clients to open encrypted files even though the password is lost or forgotten.
  • Security travels with files and folders: The security and access rights travels with the files and folders as users and groups choose to move or copy data from desktops, laptops, servers, USB memory sticks, CDs and external hard drives.
  • User logs: All user actions are logged and this is a perfect tool for organizations that have the need to backtrack encryption actions.


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