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Xlinksoft Picture Encryption

Xlinksoft Picture Encryption  is a professional picture encryption software which can encrypt all picture formats like BMP, JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG and ICO file, TIF file, etc. Perfect picture encryption function provides for you. It can encrypt and decrypt pictures with minimum time. It’s an easy-to-use picture encryption software. Changing the background color of interface is available. And setting the output path is also up to you. Protect your privacy absolutely. High speed download and safe install without any plug-ins and viruses.

Key Features of Xlinksoft Picture Encryption

  • Support All Popular Picture Formats: All
    the following picture formats can be encrypted: BMP, JPG, JPEG, GIF,
    PNG, PSD, SVG and ICO file, TIF file, etc. The encrypted pictures were
    stored as JVX.
  • Fast Encryption Speed: The
    process of encrypting pictures will be finished within a few seconds.
    Detail information of encryption and decryption process is available.
  • Right-Click on Files: Both encrypt and decrypt picture can be realized by clicking right.
  • Perfect Remember Function: The picture encryption software can remember your history operations. Special design for you to create a personalized software. The output path will be stored, so it helps you out to reset it. When you reset the software pane size and close it, next time you open it, it still keep that size.
  • Changing Background Color of Interface is Available: The background color of interface can be changed as you like. Different mood, colorful interface.
  • Customize Output Path: When
    you encrypt pictures, you can select the output path. If the folder you
    select does not exist, it will create a new one for you. So it’s
    impossible to lose files.
  • Easy to Use – One Key Operation: Encryption: Right click to encrypt pictures; Preview: Right click to preview pictures; Decryption: Right click to decrypt pictures.
  • Encrypt a Whole Folder or Encrypt Files Separately: A whole folder can be added to encrypt. It’s quite convenient and useful for you.
  • Preview Function: The encrypted pictures can be previewed by double click.
  • Easy Way to Add Files: Three
    main following ways: 1)drag files to the pane directly; 2)double click
    blank place of software window; 3)click add button to add files.
  • Double Buffering-Switching Pictures Without Flicker: This picture encryption software provides you the best picture effect. There is no blink when you view the encrypted pictures.
  • Absolute Protection of Privacy: The
    encrypted files can only be opened by yourself through password you
    set. Even when others copy your pictures, they can’t open them without
    your password.
  • Run in All Windows System


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