BitHit 1.2

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BitHit 1.2

BitHit is a multi-capable p2p file sharing software based on Azureus code and further developed for fast and potent torrent downloading. Easily accessible to inexperienced users the app also allows savvy users to indulge in exploring its capabilities deeper due to an advanced plug-in system.

In terms of functionality, BitHit can download quickly and efficiently with intelligent bandwidth, queue and speed management.

The programs runs discreetly in the background and can be configured to the most basic tasks. It offers detailed data about the download/upload process from the number of seeders and peers connected to you, to the speed of your downloads/uploads, ETA and lots of other options.

Among its many useful features there’s the ability to open new tabs for different tasks. This enables you to easily manage a neatly structured tab list where you get to choose the info window you want instead of wasting time and effort to operate with a bunch of windows that are not sorted or categorized in a useful way.

BitHit is written in Java allowing multiple simultaneous downloads without bothering you with various ads or even a crowded interface. It also comes packed with an easy-to-work-with embedded tracker.

The core features of the program are:

  • A very large number of torrent downloads;
  • Smart and attractive interface;
  • Highly configurable settings such as upload and download speed limit and disk cache;
  • Uses one port for all the torrents;
  • Efficient seeding rules;
  • Uses a proxy, for both tracker and peer communications;
  • Can set a default download directory and transfer complete files;
  • Can import torrents automatically from a set directory;
  • IRC plugin for quick help;
  • Fast and safe resume;
  • UPnP sets the forward on your router;
  • Embedded tracker;
  • Advanced plug-in capabilities.


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