ClickNServe 1.0

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ClickNServe 1.0

ClickNServe is a fully automated image sharing tool for all Windows-based devices.  Take a picture of something you like and share it with all your friends no matter where they are located.  Sharing images is really as simple as click and serve!  BuddyShare enabled.

Fully automated image sharing Utility for you and your friends for all Windows Devices (Windows Mobile 5.x & 6.x, NT, 2000, XP, and Vista).


  • Share images with your friends as they are created. 
  • Thumbnail preview and full view of local and community images.
  • BuddyShare enabled. 
  • BuddyShare is a secure, private, and flexible communications infrastructure.  No uploading of data to servers. 
  • Automatic encryption of data.  No IP addresses, web servers, etc.
  • BuddyShare even works for linking up multiple handheld devices located anywhere in the World.
  • Support for CF cards to store your shared images.
  • Runs on all commonly available Windows Operating systems.
  • Common GUI for all devices.
  • A Multi-Lingual User Interface encompassing over 140 languages and supporting hot-swapping has been added.


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