Torrent Ratio Keeper Monster 3.7

Torrent Ratio Keeper Monster Version allows you to configure the Upload increase up to 1000% and the Download decrease traffic values. You can also use the Expert Settings (Seeder Mode, Emulate Upload Problems). It has 2 skins: the Classic (Windows standard) and BlueSky.

You can configure the Upload increase and the Download decrease traffic values. For example, if you increase the upload to 300%, the tracker will count each 1 MB as 4 MB. This will save you a lot of time!

While your Torrent Client is downloading or seeding files, the program will receive statistics of the uploaded and downloaded traffic. You can see them on the "Statistics" Tab. The first stats will be available the next day after you’ve started the program, and are downloading files. Then, the graphics will update every 5-20 minutes, depending on the trackers’ settings. You can see statistics for all the trackers or for an individual tracker by choosing one from the dropdown list.



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