CallerIP 4.0c

Visualware Inc
2.6 MB
Operating System
Windows Server Windows Vista Windows Xp

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CallerIP 4.0c

CallerIP monitors activity on open ports on your system, which are often not protected by firewalls, so you can identify hackers before your system or confidential information is compromised.MCS performs network assessment testing to easily identify and resolve connection problems by measuring broadband, VoIP, Video and IPTV quality and performance. Connections are tested end-to-end to identify poor quality routing, TCP analysis identifies network throttling and congestion problems, voice and video traffic analysis identifies jitter and packet loss problems which adversely affect critical applications such as VoIP.A simple click on an IP address shows you where the connection originates on a global map, along with domain and network registration information. CallerIP actively scans the ports on your system and alerts you to any backdoors or active HTTP/FTP/SMTP services, which could allow a harmful Trojan or enable unauthorized access to your system.

Features of CallerIP

* Realtime monitoring instantly identifies suspect activity and spyware
* Identifies the country of origin for all connections
* Worldwide Whois reports
* Network Provider reports with abuse contact information
* Automated alerts of high-risk connections
* Detailed log of connection history with search options


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