Samsung SSD 840 EVO firmware

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Samsung has released an update to the popular SSD 840 Evo in the morning. It fixes a problem when reading older files.

SSDs are fast – usually but Samsung had a problem with the SSD 840 Evo a few weeks ago. When reading older files, the read rate decreases partly to under 30 MB per second – normal are rather few hundred MB/s. The problem affects only the Evo version of the SSD 840 and only files that have not been used for a long time; copying the files to, the reading speed to increase to the normal value.

As announced, Samsung introduced this morning an updated firmware to solve this problem. It carries the version number EXT0CB6Q and is under the name for Samsung SSD 840 Evo Performance restoration for download.

The update is currently only available on Windows; not only with a new firmware that will be recorded, the SSD is concerned apparently some time with yourself. Samsung indicates that the restoration of a 1 TB SSD may well take several hours to complete. Our fear is that the software would simply recopy all the files in that time, but not confirmed.

The end of October Samsung will also provide a self-booting version of the software update for use on Macs or Linux PCs.


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