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Flash Demo Builder

Flash Demo Builder is an easy to use and unique tool for creating tutorials, presentations, interactive quizzes and product demonstrations.

What’s new in version 2.0:

  • Imported sound can now have an option to be synchronized with the animation during playback. This way you can import an audio containing audio naration which will be guaranteed to play in sync with your presentation.
  • Import GIF animation, PNG with/without transparency, WMF/EMF and SWF animation to spice up your presentation.
  • You can now add a navigation button. There are many styles provided and each can be color customized. A navigation button is a button which has no text appearance but rather has navigation symbol such as back, next, rewind, fast forward, pause, play. One special navigation button called PlayPause can serve as a toggle between Play and Pause and automatically play/pause the movie playback when it is pressed.
  • Add a cool layer effect to spice up your presentation. A layer effect is an effect such as smoke, rain, snowfall,etc playing on top of the entire area within a slide.
  • You can now have an overlapping slide transition. This allows you to have another object animated (eg: text animation) while the slide transition occurred.
  • Powerful autorun CD/DVD and executable branding such as adding a splash screen, context menu, about box, application window skin and a full application installer. This way you can distribute your flash animation as a desktop application.
  • Publishing process has been highly optimized. Making a DVD movie is now up to 3x faster, publishing into an AVI video is now up to 4x faster.
  • An improved timeline which allows you to adjust the object transition in and out by a simple mouse dragging. The new timeline will also show you the sound waveform to make it easier to synchronize a particular section of your sound with your animation.
  • Object manipulation on the preview window is now up to twice faster. You can now use mouse wheel and keyboard shortcut to easily change the view scale and scroll.
  • Property tabs are now used instead of popup window to edit object’s properties which makes it much quicker to modify object properties without opening and closing popup window. The new Graphical User Interface is now compatible to Windows Vista Aero User Interface.

How you can benefit from using Flash Demo Builder?

  • Reduce cost and improve productivity by facilitating online training
  • Provide and deliver interactive presentations, course materials, and quizzes to accelerate knowledge transfer
  • Impress and reach more potential customers by creating compelling, intuitive, and dynamic product demonstrations.
  • The perfect tool for sales and marketing professionals.

Minimum requirement :

  • Microsoft Windows
  • 98/ME/XP/2000/Vista

  • 1 GHz CPU, 256 MB RAM


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