Antique Shop

Meridian 93
44.4 MB
Operating System
Windows Vista Windows Xp
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Antique Shop

Antique Shop

The heroine of this game has dreamt of becoming an archaeologist from
her childhood. She has finally graduated from college and received a
degree in this profession.
It seemed that the dream came true, because now she can concentrate on
her work and go on an expedition to find ancient treasures. However, no
expeditions are expected in near future and she can apply her knowledge
nowhere. The brave girl decides to organize her own expedition,
especially as she already has the map showing the location of hidden
treasure. But the expedition requires money. The girl decides to open
an antique shop to earn some. Travel around the world in search of
valuable artifacts and antique rarities together with the heroine of
this game! To do this you need to satisfy the exquisite aesthetic needs
of your customers. Improve your antique shop to make it the best one on
the both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. You will have to solve many
historical puzzles, find the unique ancient artifacts and make
phenomenal discoveries! Beautiful graphics, nice music and cheerful
clients will not let you get bored.

Exciting gameplay
Various puzzles
Funny characters
Original gamestory
free shop game – Absolutely FREE
System Requirements
Windows XP/Vista
Processor 1.6 Ghz or better
256 Mb RAM
60 Mb of hard drive space
DirectX 7.0



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