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Eagerly awaited since 2008, the first title the studio Vogster Entertainment has
spilled much ink. After a few months of launch in formula Pay,
CrimeCraft finally arrives in license Free to play So free and
accessible to all.The concept of CrimeCraft is ambitious as it is a
role playing / action massively multiplayer without restriction of movement as a
GTA. You form a gang and try to develop lucrative activities of all
kinds. Obviously the other gangs will not hesitate in putting a spoke in the
wheels to prevent your business to succeed. You can buy or create any type of
business, legal or not, and try to succeed in a world of thugs without scruple
of mafia and other hackers.Very community oriented and policy, players have
the opportunity to participate in important decisions that directly affect the
future of the metropolis.

CrimeCraft is a persistent online shooter game developed by Vogster Entertainment and published by THQ. It was announced April 2008 . The gameplay revolves around gang warfare in a near future urban environment. The game was released on August 25, 2009.


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