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The NPCs in Mabinogi remember each player. Not only do they just remember your name, but they know how often you’ve visited them, if you’ve been a good worker, even if you treated them good or bad. This means that the things they tell you or the way they treat you will vary depending on your relationship with them. There are many ways to befriend an NPC….who knows, they might even give you special treatment.

You can learn many of skills at the School. However, once you learn the skills, it’s up to you to train! Go to school and learn the skills while you are young, and venture forth into the bigger world when you’re ready!

All the NPCs in Mabinogi are busy working. If you are looking for a part-time job, then simply try talking to them. If you do your job faithfully and well, not only will you receive your salary, but the NPCs will favor you more and more.

In Mabinogi, users can shear sheep, spin threads, weave fabric, and tailor their own clothes. All manufacturing activities begin by gathering the natural resources around you. Sneak up behind a sheep and skillfully shear it. Besides shearing sheep, you can partake in other various activities, such as chopping down trees for firewood, milking a cow, mining iron ore deposits, and much more.

Tired of the daily grind? Why not take a trip down to the serene waters of Erinn and relax while fishing? As long as you have a fishing pole and some bait, you’re good to go! You can either manually fish, or just sit back and let the character fish for you. Sometimes, instead of catching fish, you will reel up mysterious items!

In Mabinogi, users can cook with the ingredients they gather around them. You will start out cooking simple meals, but as you take classes and become more advanced, you will be able to create fine-dining, gourmet meals that rival any restaurant’s! The taste of the food depends on how you mix and match the ingredients, so it could range from something you wouldn’t even feed your dog to top notch cuisine at a 5 star hotel. Not eating does not significantly affect your character; however, it does affect the character’s growth and body shape. For example, if you constantly eat fatty food all the time, you’ll gain weight! When this happens, go on a diet by eating a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. Eating healthy is not only good for your body, but it helps you develop your skills.

In Mabinogi, users can compose and perform their own music. You can learn the Composing skill to write a song and ask someone else to play it, or you can simply equip an instrument and play them yourself. By using various instruments with different range and tone, users can even play a song together with friends. How about forming an ensemble with your friends and having a concert?


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