Ninja Brawl 1.0

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Ninja Brawl 1.0

This is tribute to Castle Crashers and my way of saying.Over 20 locations to visit and revisit as many times as you like. – 11 different characters to choose from, 8 of which have to be unlocked. – 6 Unlockable combo moves. – Level your character up all the way to level 30! – Manage your stats such as Strength, Armor and Speed. – Fight many different enemies including various bosses. – 8 unique weapons to buy and wield! – Wield not only melee weapons, but master the art of shuriken and bomb chucking. – Practice makes perfect, so train on unsuspecting innocent creatures like chickens, goats and bunnies! – Want to take a break from playing? Don’t worry, the game auto-saves! – Too hard or too easy for you? Never fear, there are 3 difficulty settings: Easy, Normal and Hard. – Your computer too slow to handle the graphics? Just go to the settings in the pause menu and turn the quality to low, medium or high.



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