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OpenArena 0.8.1

The source code for Quake 3 was made free in August 2005, offering the opportunity for independent developers to create games based on its engine. In line with Nexuiz and other Warsow , OpenArena aims to offer a free Quake 3 based on the source code maintained by the project ioquake3 with new content (characters, maps …).

What to say further on Quake 3, its frags, its maps, its arms? For those who do not know yet, say it’s a little Pac Man of FPS multiplayer, a game that some people find technically outdated, too basic, but the grip immediately and the "fun" remain intact for years after its output. Caution: Even if it is possible to deal with bots controlled by the computer, OpenArena is Primarily designed for multiplayer mode and has no real single player campaign. Here it comes to fragging happily with friends. Here it comes to fragging happily with friends. Technically, it is obviously better for everything but the merit of being perfectly fluid was modest configuration.


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