Pirates of the Burning Sea Client

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Pirates of the Burning Sea Client

Set sail for a swashbuckling, massively multiplayer online adventure in the pirate-infested seas and Caribbean ports of 1720. England, France, and Spain have unleashed their forces on the Caribbean. Naval officers captain massive warships through bloody engagements at sea.

Freetraders charge through blockades and smuggle the war material needed to conquer the enemy’s ports. Privateers raid enemy shipping, looting ships of their treasure and rival nations of their glory.

Through it all sail the Pirates. Bloody, bold, and resolute, they serve no flag and heed no king. They live free, fight hard, and obey only fate.

The New World of 1720 is a land where opportunity, treachery, and adventure meet:

Intense Tactical Ship Combat

Fire grape, bar and heavy round shot from your cannons in colossal open sea battles, but head the direction of the wind or you’ll find yourself dead in the water.

Swashbuckling Sword Fights

Take-up arms with three swashbuckling fighting styles, from the deadly and formal Fencing, to the flashy dual-wielding Florentine, or the rowdy and treacherous Dirty Fighting.

Join the Caribbean Community

Socialize, group, and join the player driven economy to make, trade, and sell everything needed to play. Manufacture your own goods for in-game profit or your own use. Build, capture, and customize dozens of historical ships or player created originals.


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