Vogue Tales

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Vogue Tales

Perfect arcade simulator for fashionmongers. Baby Wendy kept her own
studio in the outskirts, where she made up dresses and suits. But once
a robber stole her mannequin and her granny’s gift. Wendy realized that
the robber had headed for London, and she had nothing to do but follow
after him. But she needed money for a trip… In this game you have to
help Wendy earn the money for the journey. The faster you make up suits
and dresses which the customers order, the more clients will arrive,
and the more tips they will leave. The money you earn you might use for
the studio’s accomplishment: buying new curtains, sofa covering, making
new textile and suit models orderings. Going on the racket of
adventurous freedom Wendy is taking a trip around Europe, occasionally
mastering her designer skills, meeting new people and discovering ultra
modish cuts. But who could steal granny’s gift and the mannequin? You
get to know it playing this colorful and amusing game. Create most
modish studio, managing the path from outskirts till the capital of

Funny and juicy characters
Forty levels in four countries
Variety of improvements and upgrades
Intriguing comics plot
Games For Girls – Absolutely FREE
System Requirements
DirectX 7.0
256 Mb RAM
50 Mb of HDD free space
DirectX 7 compatible video card
Windows 98 or later



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