Wendy’S Wellness

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Wendy’S Wellness
Wendy’S Wellness – fitness game
starts her chain of wellness centers, and your task is to help her
organize everything effectively. It is not at all easy, but the game
provides useful tips and recommendations. Welcome to the colorful and
challenging world of wellness! The story is set in a big bustling city,
which does not have any wellness centers. What a pity! The citizens
have no special place that would help them relax after a hectic workday
and keep fit. Wendy decides to open her own wellness center, and her
uncle, a professional trainer, gives her help and useful advice. At
first you have to deal with basic equipment and to do all the work
yourself – but as the chain of centers grows and the number of
customers increases, Wendy’s wellness centers become well-equipped,
glamorous and popular with the citizens. Oh my God, you will need all
your management skills and all your concentration to cope with the
great number of customers and to hit the objectives of each level. But
your hard work will be rewarded by the customers’ gratitude and, of
course, by their tips. Wendy’s wellness center is visited by different
types of customers: football players, cheerleaders, ballet dancers,
gymnasts, businessmen, fatties and flirty girls. Some of them are more
patient, others are less. When a customer loses his patience, he leaves
without paying; so you should be attentive to impatient customers and
serve them quickly and properly. And you are not alone in the face of
difficulties! A coach, a masseuse and a tanning assistant will be of
great help, if you have enough money to hire them. Also there are some
items that will make your customers more patient and calm. Learn,
practice and achieve success! The game environment is peaceful and
pleasant: unobtrusive relaxing music, vivid and cheerful colors,
optional volume of sounds. The interface is intuitive and simple, so
this game is a good variant either for adults or for children.
Relaxing music and pleasant game environment
Improve the facilities and hire employees
VIP training mini-games
Lots of fun and unusual situations with clients
Unlimited play
fitness game – Absolutely FREE
System Requirements
Windows 98/ME/2000/2003/XP/Vista
Processor 800 Mhz or better
50 Mb of hard drive space
DirectX 7.0




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