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Fling FTP Transfer 2.11

Manual or automatic file upload from within Explorer.

Fling is software to help automate uploading or transferring files. It is typically used to maintain a web site on a remote hosted server or to automate backup of folders. The software supports both internet file transfer protocol (ftp) and network file transfer.

You can setup one or more "Fling Folders" on your local computer. You then work in these folders like any other folder on your computer. When any file is added or changed, Fling will upload the file to a remote ftp server or network folder. The operation can be automatic (upload as soon as the files are changed), at a preset interval (eg. every hour) or manually.

For example, if you keep a copy of your website on your computer, with Fling, you can upload a page at any time by right clicking on the file and selecting ‘upload’.

Typical Applications:

  • Automatically update websites as you complete a change.
  • Edit and create documents that are stored on a network folder while still retaining the original as a backup on your own computer.
  • Manage multiple file transfer destinations.
  • Backup important files by setting them to be saved in a Fling Folder which transfers at a set interval.


  • Can transfer using the file transfer protocol (FTP)
  • Can transfer using an ordinary local area network
  • In automatic mode it will automatically detect when a file is changed and upload it.
  • Works within Windows Explorer. To manually upload a file just right click on the file and select Fling.
  • Individual folders can be set to upload to their own destination.
  • Can be set to upload at preset intervals.
  • Supports secure FTP via SSL (FTPS).
  • Runs as a service so the software can run when logged off on a server to automate transfer.
  • Very easy to use for day-to-day operation.
  • Can be integrated or linked to from other programs using command line arguments to create automation upload systems.

System Requirements:

  • Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008 and Windows 7


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