NVIDIA SLI Profile Update 2

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Graphics Driver

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This version of the NVIDIA profile update should be used with v190.62 WHQL display driver.

It adds support for the following PC games:

  • Biohazard 5 (Resident Evil 5)
  • Call of Juarez: Blood in Bound Demo
  • Majesty 2: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim
  • Need for Speed: Shift

It also increases performance for the following PC game:
Batman: Arkham Asylum

What are Profile Updates?
Application profiles enable multiple NVIDIA GPUs in your PC to work together for faster performance. So, for PCs with more than one NVIDIA GPU (and with SLI or multi-GPU enabled) these updates boost the performance in the applications listed. Once the update is installed, these games will automatically use all of the GPUs in your PC to achieve the fastest performance possible.

Are Application Profiles New?
No, NVIDIA’s graphics drivers have always installed these application profiles. These new updates will be available between driver releases as needed to provide up to date game support.

If I don’t have an SLI PC or a Multi-GPU graphics card should I install this update?
No, this update is only for PCs with more than one NVIDIA GPU.

How often will NVIDIA release these updates?
NVIDIA will release these updates as needed in between driver releases to enable the best experience with multiple NVIDIA GPUs. New graphics driver releases will always contain all of the profiles from earlier updates so there will often be times when no update is available.


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