AniFun3 1.3

Oliver Faulhaber
3 MB
Operating System
Windows All

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AniFun3 is a visual interface for the Java 3D technology with additional functionalities. AniFun3 is designed to let easy create real time 3D Animations and embed them directly into HTML-pages or run them as standalone applications. Animations can be made interactive with some default behaviours, without programming a single line of code.

AniFun3 lets you create synchronous soundtracks. Different interfaces let Java 3D™ programmers extend the system with own java classes and integrate AniFun3 generated scenes into custom java applications. That means that AniFun3 can act as a environment editor for various 3D applications such as games, measurements visualisations or other real time applications.

AniFun3 represents a platform where 3D designers and application developers can work together. The designers can mould and animate virtual worlds within a graphical user interface, whereas programmers can concentrate their effort on the applications’ logic and/or extend the system with further functionalities.

The AniFun3 API contains a powerful framework, which strongly simplifies the build up procedure of 3D applications. Using AniFun3 to create virtual worlds will save a lot of time. Producing 3D applications will become more flexible and last but not least, less expensive.

Creating and optimising 3D models for real time applications is a complex task. There is many excellent 3D software on the market to do this.

Almost all of the available 3D editors can export their data into different file formats like VRML etc. AniFun3 is able to import some file formats at present these are Autodesk 3D Studio, Autodesk DXF, VRML 1.0/97, Wavefront, SENSE8, STL and AniFun3.


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