Animated GIF Creator 1.20

Ani Works
2.4 MB
Operating System
Windows 7 Windows Vista Windows Xp
Demo Shareware

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Animated GIF Creator 1.20

Animated GIF Creator allows you to easily create or edit animated GIFs for your Webpages. Just open the software, Using the Animated GIF Creator’s wizard-like interface, it guides you through making great animated GIFs in just a few simple steps. It’s so easy… anyone can do it.

Animated GIF Creator makes it easy to create professional .gif animations, and even convert .jpeg and .bmp graphics to .gifs automatically, — just open it up and go to work with the program’s user-friendly interface.

You can use transparent backgrounds, choose the delay time for each frame, and easily change the order that frames appear. Animated GIF Creator supports all types of GIF animation and provides high compression and great quality for your animated GIF images.

More Cool Features of Animated GIF Creator:

  • Easily create animated banners, pictures and buttons.
  • Support many popular graphic formats like BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF, TIF, ICO, PSP, PSD, TGA, EMF, …
  • Automatically convert .jpg, .ico, .bmp, and other image formats to .gif.
  • Set animation loop count and frame duration
  • Create animated GIF images from scratch.
  • Manage animation frames.
  • Quick creating speed
  • Preview GIF animation.
  • Simplify GIF Creation with Five Step Workflow.
  • Adjust the speed of the animation.
  • Easy-to-use Intuitive Interface, No special training or knowledge is required!


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