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Cult3D Designer

Cult3D is the interactive 3D solution for e-communication. Cult3D allows companies to easily build and display high-quality interactive 3D animations on their Web sites and in electronic documentation. Targeted toward e-communication, engineering, education and distance learning applications, Cult3D is the industry’s leading real-time "virtual" rendering engine that lets consumers fully interact with advanced 3D animations online and in any Adobe Acrobat or Microsoft Office documents.

Cult3D has three components:

The Cult3D Designer: It is a software program that allows you to apply interactivity to models that were created in Maya or 3ds max. The models are first exported out of the host program into the Cult3D Designer tool with the Cult3D Exporter.

The Cult3D Exporter: It is free software programs that allow users of 3ds max and plasma to export their 3D models to the Cult3D intermediate file format, .c3d, which is a Cycore proprietary file format. This file can then be loaded into the Cult3D Designer application, where interactivity and functionality can be added.

The Cult3D Viewer: It enables you to view and interact with Cult3D objects on the Web, in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, as well as Adobe Acrobat files. The Viewer is an incredibly small download that will bring the Web and presentations to life. You can visit any site hosting a Cult3D object and move it around, and play with its components.



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