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Fractice - 32 bit Fractice - 64 bit

FFRend (Freeframe Renderer) is a renderer for Freeframe plugins. It allows you to chain any number of plugins together, automate their parameters using oscillators, and record the output to an AVI file. The input is a video (AVI/MPG), still image (BMP/JPG/GIF), or source plugin.

Features of Fractice

  • Navigate by drawing rectangles, dragging, or wheel zoom
  • Continuous zooming via magnifier tool
  • History bar shows thumbnails of where you’ve been
  • Low-res preview is displayed before rendering begins
  • Fit to window and actual-size scrolling view modes
  • Antialiasing up to 16x using optimized supersampling
  • Export bitmaps
  • Printing and print preview
  • Multi-threaded, multi-core rendering with CPU auto-detect
  • Movie recording to compressed or uncompressed AVI files
  • No size limit for recorded movies except disk space
  • Distributed processing for both movies and exploring
  • Palette editing via interpolated RGB or HLS gradients
  • Change palette without re-rendering
  • Import Fractint palettes
  • Histogram of escape times
  • Full-screen mode
  • Unlimited undo/redo
  • Cubic, quartic and higher exponent Mandelbrot variants
  • Poster export for images too huge to render otherwise
  • Queue movie/poster renders to Job Control
  • Color cycling


What's New

  • In the previous version, SSE2 support was accidentally disabled for shallow (non-deep) zooms. This caused shallow zooms to take approximately twice as long as they should have. Deep zooms were unaffected. Checking the "Use SSE2" checkbox in Options/Engine made no difference. The bug was present in both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions, and in both the server and the client. Sorry! Fixed.
  • The real-time colormapping/downsampling function that's used in full-screen Exclusive (Mixer) mode is now better optimized, and runs two or three times faster on all platforms. This leaves more CPU time for rendering.


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