ICAO Face SDK 2008

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ICAO Face SDK 2008

Griaule ICAO Face SDK is an image processing Software Development Kit (SDK) that allows automatic identification systems handle facial images following international standards.

Digital facial images are widely used for systems like e-passport. The most common problem when dealing with photos is the heterogeneous quality due to the size, face orientation, color, contrast and other variables.

Griaule ICAO Face SDK processes a digital facial image to improve its quality conforming ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) requirements. ICAO is the leading organization on the effort to create standards for the emerging e-passport technology. It includes a standard for digital image quality for facial images, defining requirements for photographic and digital characteristics.

Key Features:

  • Automated characteristics detection: Automated detection of eyes and mouth locations and option for manual adjustment;
  • Aligned with standards: Several ICAO Full Frontal Image requirements (ISO/IEC FCD 19794-5) based on eyes and mouth detection;
  • Biometric data interchange and interoperability available: Compliant with ISO/IEC 19785:1-2004 and others;
  • Independence of camera: The software needs only the face image to be used;
  • Easy and intuitive: Simple interface available as an ActiveX (COM) and DLL;
  • Easy to learn: Lots of samples and the forum will help you integrating in a matter of hours!
  • Use your preferred programming language: Wide range of supported programming languages;
  • Safe to purchase: 90-days trial available for download.


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