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MotivationLOL 1.0

MotivationLOL is the ridiculously awesome and totally useless Motivational Poster software for Mac. Even if you’re new to the internet, you’ve no doubt seen those funny mock-motivational posters, either as images on a calendar or attached to various E-Mails filling up your Spam folder.

Easy & fun: Drag a family portrait, a funny photo, or an image from the web onto the window. Then wait a moment while our inefficient code loads your image. After a brief pause, it will appear in the poster.

Click, drag, & scroll: Drag your image to position it, or use the scroll-wheel on your mouse (or a two-finger swipe) to zoom it in or out.

Add some humor: Give your motivational poster a funny title and a caption, and adjust the size of the text to suit your taste.

Save your image: Press Command-S to save your poster as an internet-ready JPEG, then drag it into Mail and send it to your friends and family, if you have any. If not, upload it somewhere where Google’s crawlers will find it. Be sure to add lots of irrelevant keywords to the TITLE tag.

Now you too can make your own mock motivational posters, lol. Check it out!


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