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Picture Information Extractor

The ultimate tool for digital cameras reveals everything.

Picture Information Extractor is an unique picture browser and viewer with exquisite photo metadata and file renaming features. It extracts EXIF, XMP and IPTC from JPG, TIF and RAW files and makes it available in a convenient and welcoming interface.

One part of the EXIF header is standardized and contains information such as date and time pictures were taken, shutter speed and aperture or whether the flash was used. But a lot of information such as program mode, white balance settings or lens data, is stored in the Makernote block, which is proprietary and can usually only be read with special software from the camera maker. PIE, however, contains the most extensive Makernote database on the market. With one single tool, you can review pictures with all the metadata from almost any camera.

Furthermore, the EXIFcare technology of PIE allows to edit EXIF and IPTC data, add and delete tags, change capture date/time in JPG, TIFF and RAW formats, lossless rotate and update embedded thumbnails, without destroying the Makernote block. Editing with other programs, be it just the Windows file properties dialog, will inevitably erase the Makernote data.

PIE is also a sophisticated file renaming utility that takes into account the extracted metadata to rename picture files keyed to the date and time as well as other photo information. This is handled by a filename mask which can be customized easily.

No more hassle with all the DSC00xyz.jpg and IMG00xyz.jpg on your computer. Define one filename format and apply it to all photos, inclusive the ones that you get from others with different cameras. With almost no effort, your photo archive will be as tidy as never before.

Companion files such as .thm thumbnail files, .xmp sidecar files or .wav audio files are also renamed correctly.

Supported RAW formats:

  • Sony .ARW .SR2
  • Canon .CRW .CR2, CHDK
  • Adobe Digital Negative .DNG
  • Epson .ERF
  • Kodak .DCR .KDC
  • Mamiya .MEF
  • Minolta .MRW
  • Nikon .NEF
  • Olympus .ORF
  • Pentax .PEF
  • Panasonic .RW2
  • Fuji .RAF
  • Generic .RAW 

PIE provides the most comfortable way to import your images from digital camera memory cards to your computer. It moves or copies photos and videos, renames them as defined in the filename mask and rotates photos taken in portrait mode. It can also automatically create folders in a custom directory structure and put the downloaded files into the right folders based on date/time as well as camera model and file type (Image, RAW, Video).


What's New

  • Lossless cropping with predefined aspect ratios (3:2, 4:3,
    16:9, 1:1)
  • Improved RAW thumbnails, fixed orientation issues
  • Fixed bug when cropping large oriented pictures
  • Fixed
    sidecar files were always created when batch editing IPTC data
  • Fixed
    missing GPS reference in report


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