PrintStation 3.40

Picmeta Systems
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PrintStation is a professional photo catalogue software that creates proof sheets, printed albums, index files, collages, photo documentations and more. It allows to print multiple pictures on multiple pages, with custom page layouts, along with header and footer text inclusive automatic macros at the touch of a button.

A page in PrintStation consists of columns, rows and cells. Simply define the number of columns and rows, and the cells are sized accordingly. Pictures are fitted automatically to the cells but can also be enlarged in horizontal or vertical direction. An intelligent algorithm adjusts the picture order to avoid gaps. It creates a clean, professional looking layout without wasting time, paper or money.

Actual printing is only one part of the process. Another important and often overlooked part is the selection of pictures. PrintStation does focus on that, offering you a very handy image browser with a fast viewer inclusive slide show feature. It makes reviewing of the pictures really convenient. Once you decide for a picture, mark it with just a click or key press. Or mark a complete folder at once. Selections of pictures can even be saved and restored.

PrintStation is the only photo printing software with these advantages:

  • Paper save mode that calculates (!) the optimum layout for any photo and paper size combination. No templates needed.
  • Flexible grid mode that allows to enlarge single pictures in a column/row based layout
  • Integrated PDF engine for highest quality PDF album creation 


  • Quick and easy to use
  • Printing of multiple pictures in columns and rows
  • Resize or multiply single pictures
  • Print standard photo formats with paper save feature on any printer
  • Automatic sizing and positioning to fit within your selected print settings
  • Creation of PDF albums and index image files
  • Full WYSIWYG preview of all the pages of images you have chosen to print
  • Flexible labeling options:
  • Define custom header and footer texts for pages and images
  • Optionally show filename, file date, file time and other information above or under each image
  • Thumbnail browser with realtime thumbnail zooming
  • Picture preview
  • Fast and convenient picture viewer
  • File manager
  • Many supported file formats including DICOM for medical imaging

What's New

  • New: Zooming and Panning of single images in the layout
  • New:
    Context sensitive image toolbar
  • Faster layout operations
    thanks to a new caching system
  • Faster loading of large JPG
    images in the viewer
  • Added dialog to select the page layout
  • Added "Check for Update" function
  • Added
    Cut/Copy/Paste in edit and file context menu
  • Navigating with
    Browse Back/Next buttons is faster
  • When browsing a folder up,
    the subfolder is highlighted in the list
  • Open folder or image
    file via command line or file association
  • Explorer context menu
    integration "Browse with PrintStation"
  • Fixed bug when printing
    from memory card
  • Fixed occasional freezing when deleting files
  • Fixed folder thumbnail generation in Windows 7
  • Fixed
    selecting files in Windows 7 Libraries
  • Fixed add new folder on


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