Smart Fpg Editor 0.2

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Smart Fpg Editor 0.2

Smart Fpg Editor is an easy-to-use, user friendly and powerful FPG editor tool. FPGs are graphic collections used by certain compilers/languages such as Bennu, Fenix or Div Games Studio.

Smart Fpg Editor was conceived as a painless FPG editor, to fullfill the lack of several characteristics I missed in existing FPG editors, and with the ease of use in mind.


  • General

    • Simple and clean interface.
    • Easy to use and intuitive.
    • Multilanguage (development language is English but Smart Fpg Editor is currently in Spanish and English).

  • FPG Creation and Loading:
    • Support for 8, 16 and 32 bpp FPGs (Bennu/Fenix/DIV graphic collections).
    • Loading of DIV font files as FPGs.

  • Working with graphics:
    • Support for lots of graphic formats, including most popular such as MAP, PNG, GIF, JPG, BMP…
    • Adding multiple files at the same time.
    • Conversion of the added graphic to the depth of the FPG.
    • Color quantization to FPG palette when working with 8bpp FPGs.
    • Allows removing transparency when working with 16 and 32 bpp FPGs.
    • Graphic viewer with zoom and transparency capabilities.
    • Edition of graphic properties.

  • Control point edition:
    • Visual control point editor (you can edit control points in the graphic viewer).
    • Advanced (list-based) control point editor, with facilities to insert control points in several ways. Control points of more than one graphic can be edited at a once and basic mathematic operators and WIDTH and HEIGHT parameters can be used as control point coordinates.


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