O&O Defrag Workstation 12.0 Build 197

Unleash the hidden performance of your computer with the minimum effort. O&O Defrag Workstation Edition packs file fragments quickly and securely back together to optimize your hard disk under Windows. Its functionality ranges from a fully automated defragmentation to an individual professional set up. It can do everything a truly good defragmentation software should be able to do.The new background monitoring function helps to prevent fragmentation at source. Newly added and modified files are analyzed and defragmented whenever they are not being accessed. O&O Defrag makes sure that your hard disk is constantly performing at its peak.

Features of O&O Defrag Workstation

  • Zone filing for optimal organization of files
  • Three additional defragmentation methods (eight methods in all)
  • Improved: Even better at eliminating high levels of fragmentation
  • Background Monitoring: your system is constantly kept at its peak
  • ScreenSaver mode: Optimizes your PC, whenever it’s not being used
  • O&O OneClickDefrag for fully automatic configuration
  • Job Assistant for scheduling defragmentation
  • Network functionality in combination with the O&O Enterprise Management Console



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