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sbFirstDay 1.97

sbFirstDay stands for “Small Business First Day”. Service-oriented business professionals don’t usually have a lot of money when they are just starting out, yet having an easy-to-use system to run their business is crucial.


  • Appointments:
    • Color-coded appointment book
    • Easily create standing appointments
    • “Squeeze” appointments into the schedule
    • Track no-shows
    • Open Checkout window directly from appointment book
    • Add customer historical notes directly from appointment book
  • Marketing Emails:
    • Promotional email designer allows you to create professional, high quality marketing emails.
    • Promotional emails have completely customizable text messages
    • Insert your own images into the promotional email or use the standard images which have a nature theme
    • Email images and text are embedded directly into the body of the email, not as attachments
    • Can automatically be sent to all customers or just a single customer.
    • If sending to all customers, each customer email is sent out as a single message with the customer’s first name embedded into the greeting and auto-signed with your name, business name, and phone number. Customers don’t see a long list of email addresses in the email they receive…only their own.
  • Check Out Window:
    • Calculates order totals for services, as well as retail products.
    • Computes sales tax and applies it to the appropriate products
    • Add on-the-fly discounts, as well as promotional discounts
    • Automatically writes to Daily Sales which is used for reporting
    • Can email or print customer invoices.
  • Reporting:
    • Financial Reporting
    • Sales Tax Reporting
    • Sales Reporting and Analysis
    • Expense Tracking
    • Inventory Reports
    • Appointment Sheets and Customer Lists
  • Track Product Information and Inventory:
    • Enter the Products that you sell so that they are available to select in the Check Out window.
    • Track inventory on hand quantities (every time you sell a product, it is subtracted from inventory automatically)
    • Track supplier information
    • Place supply orders via email
    • Automatically be alerted when you log on that inventory is running low.
  • Define Services Specific to Your Business:
    • Easily create services (give a description, a retail price, how long the service takes, etc.)
    • The service then appears in the Appointment Window dropdown list to select and automatically blocks out the correct amount of time whenever you book it.
    • During Check Out, the cost of the service is automatically added to the order.
    • You can attach promotional discounts to services that are automatically given at Check Out time.


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