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AutoNotes: You’re working away, and suddenly you need to make a note. But it’s all too hard. You’ve got to open a text editor, decide on a file name and directory so you won’t lose it later on. You probably need to cut and paste the note from another app you were working on. Then you’ve got to save and close the editor. AutoNotes makes your life easier. Just hit F1 (or the hot key you have configured) and start typing. Enter a title and some delicious style tags. If you want to copy in notes from another app, you can hit Option-F1 to copy the currently selected text from whatever app you are currently in, into a new Auto-Notes page. Or Command-F1 to copy from the pasteboard to a new page. Later you can find your note by title, by tag or by searching.

But that’s not all. You can also link your pages to each other like a Wiki. Any time a page refers to the title of another page, you can click and get to it directly. Build up a whole interlinked network of your thoughts and notes. And that’s not even the best part. AutoNotes does not commit you to yet another wierd and wonderful proprietary file format. All your notes are stored in your autoNotes repository in your choice of plain text, RTF or RTFD files (the same file formats TextEdit supports), named according to the title you gave them. You can even add images with RTFD format.

Here’s the bonus – any folder is an AutoNotes repository. Try opening a pre-existing folder of documents in AutoNotes, and if the documents are sensibly named, they will be all linked to each other like a Wiki. Even plaintext documents will be linked, all without modifying your existing documents. Then if you like, export your repository as a HTML web site.

Power and simplicity. The ideal way to manage your notes.


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