FrameReporter 1.0.7

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FrameReporter 1.0.7

A small sample of what it does: look at the four frames shown here:Screen shot 2009-10-05 at 6.11.36 PM

Imagine you’ve been asked to place a whole lot of images, and it’s really important that the images are placed on the pages in alphabetical order of their file name. The problem is that the images look very similar, and carry similar names – how do you quickly verify you’ve placed them correctly? Furthermore, all images should be placed at the exact same scaling factor, so their effective resolution is the same. Again, how do you quickly find that out if there are any out-liers?

Of course, there is more – FrameReporter can display the following information in little info-labels right next to individual page items:

  • A much improved overset text warning
  • Effective resolution
  • Name of the placed image
  • Path of the placed image
  • Name of the currently selected story
  • Name of the currently selected page item
  • Number of words in frame compared to total number of words in story
  • Position of text frame within a multi-frame story
  • Roadmap of all pages containing parts of a multi-frame story
  • Whether an item is overridden from the master page
  • Squareness of frame.


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