GuestReel 1.1.0

Developer Inc.
6.1 MB
Operating System

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Snow Leopard Leopard

GuestReel sets up quickly and easily — all you need is a Mac running Leopard with a built-in or an external FireWire camera.
Your guests will have no trouble leaving their messages with the extremely simple and easy-to-use interface.
When your event is finished, you can easily create a personalized DVD using the excellent tools already at your disposal, iMovie and iDVD.
You can use it for more than just weddings: birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and the list goes on…

Your wedding is a special day — one you’ll think about for years to come. The video and pictures from that day will be treasured… but what about your guestbook? If your guests sign more than their names, and if they write legibly, your guestbook still remains a static memory — something to dust off and flip through from time to time.

GuestReel transforms your guestbook into an interactive experience for everyone. Your guests will love recording their heartfelt well-wishes for you through our easy-to-use software conveniently located right at your reception, and you will love being able to view and share those "visual guestbook" videos or integrate them into your wedding footage.


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