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LoadMyTracks 1.3.1

LoadMyTracks is a piece of software that will communicate with GPS devices from many manufacturers to send and receive data. It can also be used to translate data between the popular GPX and KML (Google Earth) formats. The software provides support for Waypoints (single locations in space), Routes (lists of waypoints that can be used as instructions of where to go, Tracks (the breadcrumbs that many GPS devices keep to show where you have been) and additional data that may vary by device.

With GPX files, you can log your travels, determine the location of your photos on your latest photo safari, plan and track exercise, participate in geocaching, help make better maps of your country’s roadways, or anything that your geospatial mind can think of. Utilities exist on the Internet and on the Macintosh to use and manipulate GPX files. Google is a great place to start when trying to find these.

LoadMyTracks uses version 1.1 of the GPX schema (as defined originally by Topografix) and relies upon the extension method built into that format to provide support for additional information not supported by the standard.

Improvements in this Version:

  1. Support for the GlobalSat GH-615
  2. Support for importing data from Garmin TCX (Training Center) files
  3. Support for the Garmin Edge 605/705 (and similar fitness devices)
  4. Additional French localization by Patrick Blancheton
  5. Additional German localization by Hans Meyer
  6. Fixed a bug with Garmin Storage-mode devices which caused incorrect name display
  7. Localization files brought up to date for new plugins
  8. Support for erasing partial memory to support devices such as the GH-615 that support partial erase 


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