MiLife 1.4

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MiLife 1.4

MiLife is the Mac’s most unique and writer-friendly diary software. MiLife makes it a cinch to keep a diary or journal of personal notes. With a unique interface designed to "get you in the mood" to write, full rich-text support, password protection, and even ambient soundtracks, there’s no other journaling software quite like it.


  • Rich Text Styling: Custom fonts, colors, shadows, and background colors? No problem. Style every page as you see fit. Insert photos, movies, and audio with ease.
  • Encryption & Passwords: Writing something personal? MiLife will encrypt your diary files with strong AES-128 bit encryption and lock out prying eyes with an encrypted password.
  • Moods & Weather: Easily track your moods (and the weather!) on each page of your dated diary with Milife’s one-of-a-kind mood and weather menus.
  • Ambient Soundtracks: Need to relax? Let your thoughts flow freely as you write and turn on one of MiLife’s many ambient soundtracks, including ocean, rain, storm, and forest sounds. You can even block out the desktop as you work.
  • Stay organized: Working on an important page? Add a quick bookmark with keywords or a note to mark the page for later reading.
  • Plays well with others: Export your pages (or your entire diary) as an RTFD with styling and images, a styled HTML page, or a Microsoft Word compatible doc.
  • Easy Back-Ups: MiLife has numerous back-up options to keep your notes safe and secure. Back-up your entire diary (even if it’s encrypted) to a compressed ZIP archive with a single click, or export your entire diary as a styled RTF document.
  • Perfect Chronological Ordering: MiLife keeps your pages in perfect chronological order. Need to change a page date? No problem, just select a new point in time and MiLife will re-order your diary for you! 


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