RPN Engineering Calculator 9.1.1

J. A. Associates
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RPN Engineering Calculator 9.1.1

The RPN Engineering Calculator is a programmable Windows calculator that performs the functions of a Reverse Polish Notation scientific calculator (an RPN calculator) and a lot more. It offers more than 250 functions and many conversions with six unique keypads: Standard, Engineering, Binary, Magnetics, Trigonometry, and Convert, (click on the individual keypad name for a complete description of that keypad) for only $49.95. That’s 6 calculators for less than $10 each!

Remember your favorite calculator? Was it the HP-65, -67, -97, -41 or the HP-28S. Now the REC (RPN Engineering Calculator) offers you the same ability as those great calculators. We’ve just added the REC Programming Language which allows you to write complex equations once, and solve them many times over. You are able to write as many programs as you can think of, there is no limit. Click this link to learn more about the REC Programmable Language, RECPL. When you download the trial, you will receive a 10 page comprehensive manual and several sample programs.

Using RPN calculators makes complex calculations quite easy. With all the additional functions of the RPN Engineering Calculator makes this one indispensable. You are able to save the contents of the calculator, the Running Tape Display, the Register Stack, all necessary data required to be able to take up where you left off prior to saving. You can print the contents of the Running Tape Display and you can double-click on any number in the Running Tape Display or the Stack Display to copy it to the x-register. 




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