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FPS Flags Pack 1.0

A total of 227 individual flag icons in this professionally designed flags pack represent all of the major and lesser known countries and states. They can be used for learning, travelling or in geographical systems.

Rich colours make these glossy flags perfect for software or websites that demand clear and beautiful look and feel. A flag icon for the country is a symbol that people instantly recognize as compatibility with their language or region.

Every flag icon is supplied in a broad range of sizes and popular file formats, such as XAMP vector formats, WPF and Silverlight. Vector version also can be used in XPS documents. Smaller sizes have also been carefully adjusted for maximum clarity and visibility. XAML version is available for scaling manipulation icons without losing its quality.

Especially these flags will be working in conjunction with our components. Take a look at the Screenshots below or Online Demo on to understand the quality of products we show to you.

Key Features:

  • 227 Professionally designed flags 256×128 pixels, 32-bit alpha-blended PNG 128×64 pixels, 32-bit alpha-blended PNG 64×32 pixels, 32-bit alpha-blended PNG
  • XAML version of all icons is also supplied, it works under Silverlight and WPF, under .net 3.0 and 3.5
  • Royalty-free. Use them in all your applications!
  • Upon purchase this product will be supported with bug fixes, minor and major updates for 12 months. 


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