Microangelo Creation 2.0

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Microangelo Creation 2.0

Microangelo Creation delivers a level of performance and quality that far surpasses that of any other icon editor. It does this by bringing tools and features found in the very best graphics software to its minature arena of icon design. Multiple image "layers", full-featured gradients, powerful selection tools, and editing features like "free" rotation make creating and editing high quality icon and cursor images easier than ever before!

Its menu selections and tool windows are similar to that of Adobe Photoshop, but specifically designed to edit icons and cursors. Creation makes editing icons and cursors for older Windows platforms easier than ever before, but it’s toolset and features were designed and groomed to develop the colorful, dimensional images introduced in Windows XP.


  • Rich Project Files: Save your work to Creation’s project file format to preserve your icon and cursor designs complete with layers, attributes, saved selections, and more. Your entire project is preserved for future enhancments or derivative works.
  • Layered Export/Import: Export and Import functions specifically include PSD (Photoshop) and PNG file formats because of their ability to include multiple layers and their support for unlimited colors and semi-transparency (alpha channel). Images can also be imported from JPG and BMP formats and exported to BMP format in 24-bit or 32-bit (with alpha channel) formats.
  • Edit Icons With Multiple Layers

Creation’s "Layers" window provides easy access to:

  • Adjust the opacity of each layer
  • Link layers together
  • Select the active edit layer
  • Toggle visibility on or off for any layer
  • Edit layer names
  • Drag layers to re-arrange front-to-back order
  • Add or Remove layers


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