Able Photo Slide Show

Able Photo Slide Show is a program designed to display all digital photos and graphic files as a slide show using many transition effects, each image being shown for some predetermined time before going on to the next.

It can also create standalone slide shows, screen savers, web gallery and save captions inside JPEG, TIFF, TGA, GIF and others photos. Program allows to browse, edit, convert and print images.


    • Load up multiple formats of images including tif, tiff, fax, gif, jpg, jpeg, jpe, pcx, bmp, dib, rle, ico, cur, png, wmf, emf, tga, targa, vda, icb, vst, pix, pxm, ppm, pgm, pbm.
    • Sound Playback WAV, MID and MP3 (only if an MP3 codec is installed in your system) files. There is an opportunity to change a position of a sound file in the playback list. 
    • Synchronization slides with audio.
    • Sound recording for the playback list (voice recording or music by Mic).
    • View slideshows with 150 transitional effects (with preview).
    • Multiple images per Slide.
    • Folder monitoring.
    • Full screen mode. Hide cursor on full screen mode.
    • ‘Panorama’ view effect (with auto scrolling)
    • ‘Zoom’ view effect (Panorama and Zoom tab)
    • Preview the images while loading the list.
    • You would not need to worry about different image dimensions or file types, since Able Photo Slide Show would resample the images on-the-fly prior to loading them up on screen.
    • You will get perfectly centered images each time.
    • Watermark.
    • The number of images is shown in the upper part of the window (when the first image out of 16 is displayed, it reads 1/16).
    • Slide show Auto-start.
    • Start and Stop buttons.
    • Choice of the buttons size in the tool bar.
    • Viewing selected items, or all items in the folder (and subfolder).
    • Sequence options (forward, reverse, and random).
    • Repeat slide show option.
    • Slide delay adjustment.
    • Background color or images selection.
    • Gradient filling.
    • Transition delay adjustment.
    • HotKey buttons (Front, Back, Stop, Start, Caption panel, Exit from full screen mode)
    • ‘Go to Frame’ command (pop-up menu)
    • Image Browser allows to perform normal viewing functions and file management tasks (rename, move, copy, delete, e-mail, favorites list, print, edit, get image information, sort).
    • Removing the Red Eye effect (caused by flash photography).
    • Color adjust.
    • Color mode converting.
    • Effects (Negative, Bump map, Lens, Wave, Morph, User filter)
    • Supports all common image formats: JPEG, GIF, animated GIF, Bitmaps (BMP, RLE and DIB), TIFF, Metafiles (WMF and EMF), Icons (ICO), PNG, PCX, TGA, PBM, PGM and PPM, Adobe PDF, PostScript PS, EPS, Wireless bitmap.
    • Thumbnails display with support for memory and disk caching
    • Images can be added to favorites for later viewing or saving as an image collection
    • Advanced thumbnail display, printing and exporting functionality, including the ability to create thumbnail image sheets and text file description lists
    • Three printing modes:
    • 1 – Print the currently Selected Image(s).
    • 2 – Print All Images in the current folder.
    • 3 – Print Thubmnails for all images in the current folder.
    • Automatic choice of best orientation for printing
    • Assigning of text descriptions to images
    • Standard viewing features, such as Slideshow, Zoom and Shrink to fit and Stretch to fit.
    • Image manipulation functions including rotate, flip, crop, resize and various filters and effects.
    • Forwarding of images via e-mail.
    • All standard file and folder management functionality and image conversion features.

What's New

  • Folder monitoring with printing


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