AndreaMosaic 3.32.12 Beta

Andrea Denzler
8.3 MB
Operating System
Windows All
Image Management

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AndreaMosaic is a little program for to create mosaics made with photographs. To create such kind of mosaic you need a collection of images to use for the tiles of the mosaic and you also need an image to use for the original, as a matrix for the mosaics. Then you can set the parameters of the program for to create very different kind of mosaics.

With AndreaMosaic you can create your own photographic mosaics made with your own pictures. A photo mosaic is an image composed of many tiled photos.


What's New

  • Support for Mosaics up to 100 gigapixels.
  • Initial support for VideoMosaics (Windows only).
  • Improved performance on Multicore CPUs (Multithreading support)
  • PPM, RAW and TIFF file support, useful for creating very large mosaics.
  • Video Extraction supports now 8 bit video files (i.e. some Flash videos)
  • Automatic Orientation of JPEG Images based on EXIF Settings.
  • Added German, Portugese, Russian and Ukrainan translation for the User Interface.
  • Added German User Manual.
  • Minor improvements and corrections.
  • It is possible to create Mosaics with tiles placed Sequentially or Randomly.
  • It is possible to specify a different Maskfile for each Image.
  • Minor improvements and corrections.


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