AnvSoft Photo Manager 1.15

14.6 MB
Operating System
Windows Vista Windows Xp
Image Management

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AnvSoft Photo Manager

AnvSoft Photo Manager helps you creatively organize, edit and share
photos. It’s easy to import and organize photos with AnvSoft Photo
Manager. With the powerful editing tools, you can rotate, crop and
resize photos, adjust lightness, contrast and saturation, and more. You
can add digital frame, create photo collage, Gif animation, IM display
pictures, forum signatures, and more. You can print photos in both
standard and custom sizes and email optimized photos.

professional users, batch processing is a powerful and useful feature.
You can batch compress pictures, convert between image formats, a dd
watermark, caption and frames to photos, and rename all selected photos
in batch processing mode.

The greatest bonus of AnvSoft
Photo Manager is the creating tools. AnvSoft Photo Manager can do more
than organizing photos. It can create fun pictures: digital frames,
photo collages, Gif animation, buddy icons, display pictures for
instant messengers, forum signatures, and more.

Features of AnvSoft Photo Manager

  • Keep your photo collection organized with ease
  • Decorate photos with abundant digital frames and special effects
  • Create amazing photo collages and impressive greeting cards
  • Create buddy icons/display pictures for MSN, Yahoo Messenger, AIM and more
  • Create animated Gif images for websites, blogs and forum signatures
  • Create screensaver and executable slideshows
  • Fix and optimize photos with powerful editing tools
  • Freeware with free templates


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