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Falco Image Studio 4.6

Whether you design high-detail color images we use the necessary tools. Falco software company presents a comfortable image creation tool – Falco Image Studio allows creating, editing small images. It handles popular file formats used to store multiple images of various sizes and all possible color system! You can purchase tool you need to create graphically rich images!

Falco Image Studio enables you to have the images loaded easily to the program. The options are placed such that it becomes easy for the user to work with any of them. The middle area shows the images that has been imported where you can have view and make the changes. Have the image cropped to select the best view or part of the image. With the Lasso tool select the outline for the figure and have the image changed fully in its look. So many times while working you do not lime the effect or the change that you made then you can use the UNDO/REDO feature for it.

Place Text on the images to make them look more expressive and like they are speaking to you. You can draw any object, use rectangle, fill tool, color selection tool, etc. Make the changes in the colors and have the images brightened up or make them look shady or deep in colors. Place icons to make the images naughty, cute, etc. The images can be rotated, and flipped to give it desired angle or view. Set the level of brightness, contrast, and even use effects like invert colors, blur, sharpen, emboss, grayscale, and different others.


  • Loading from BMP, GIF, PNG, JPG, TARGA, PSD(Photoshop), TIFFfiles.
  • Saving in JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF, TARGA formats.
  • Unlimited UNDO/REDO.
  • Copy/Paste in Multi – Windows.
  • Paste from others Image Editors like MS Paint etc.
  • Pencil, Brush, Line, Text, Spray, Rectangle, Ellipse, Filled Rectangle, Filled Ellipse, Fill Tool, Selection Tool, Color Selection Tool, Lasso Selection Tool, Hue Selection Tool, Blur, Eraser.
  • Effects: Rotates, Flips, Shifts, Contrast, Brightness, Invert Colors, Blur, GrayScale, HLS Adjustment, Sharpen, Emboss, Contrast Filter, High Contrast Filter, Prewitt, Sobel, Laplas. Swapping of RG, BG, RB colors.
  • Any Size up to 2048 x 2048.
  • BMP & PNG 32 bits supporting with trasparancy.
  • Vista Supporting.
  • Multi-file opening.
  • WEB-Camera and Scanner Supporting.
  • File Preview.
  • Photoshop Selections.
  • Layers.
  • Advanced Print Preview.
  • Masks and Borders.


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