Gerbing Fotoalbum 13.3.16

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Gerbing Fotoalbum

GERBING Fotoalbum 13 is an image data base software to archive find and display your fotos/videos. You can create any number of foto albums. A single foto album is a union of files, data base and programs. GERBING Fotoalbum 13 uses a microsoft access data base.

If you have less than 10.000 fotos/videos on your computer you can possibly find them without a data base, for example by sophisticated names of folders and files or a full text search for IPTC fields.  IPTC users know it, an IPTC full text search takes too much time without a database. It can take 10 minutes to search in 10.000 files. No matter whether you use IPTC fields or not, the ideal solution for the management of very many fotos/videos is a database software. GERBING Fotoalbum 13 even can import keywords from IPTC fields.

GERBING Fotoalbum 13 can show its power when used by users with 50.000 fotos/videos and more. The care of the data base is extremely simple and the image data base software is concentrated on archiving, finding and displaying. There are no image processing functions and no other colored bells and whistles, like Thumbnails. That makes the software simple and clear, and if you need an image processing function anyway you simply can jump to your personal image processing program from the current image.

With GERBING fotoalbum 13 (fotos.exe) you can look selectively for fotos or videos in a data base in which you have stored keywords and location. After the search in the data base you can display the found fotos or videos. At the installation a small example data base is laid out. Enlarging the example data base to your own data base is very simply possible with the tool Fotosmdb. GERBING fotoalbum 13 also can be started directly from a CD or DVD or the USB stick oder an external harddisk. That is possible, because the synchronisation is not lost between data base and files, if you copy your Fotoalbum (files, data base and programs) on another data medium. To do the copy you even need no special tool, the windows explorer will be sufficient. A data base is the only one way out, if users can not overlook or find again their variety of fotos or videos any more. You can import the EXIF and/or IPTC fields of your fotos. GERBING Fotoalbum 13 uses a microsoft access data base.



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