JPEG Photo Optimizer for WEB 2.1.1

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JPEG Photo Optimizer for WEB

This program is designed to optimize images, which subsequently can
be placed on the Internet, sent by e-mail, pasted into a document, etc.
Generally, all photographs formed with the help of high-quality camera
have high resolution, low compression, so these pictures are quite large
(up to several megabytes), which causes difficulty in their placement
on the Internet. With this program you can convert (to optimize) these
photos in such a way that significantly reduced their size, the quality
remains quite acceptable. Optimization occurs by reducing the picture,
reducing its size and adjust the compression rate. In addition, the
program has several opportunities for full-fledged graphical editor.
More opportunities are listed below.


– Reduce the image resolution in DPI.

– Change the image size in pixels,
randomly and in proportion.

– Changing the image quality (the degree
of compression).

– Image cropping.

features (the possibility of a graphical editor):

– Adjusting the brightness and contrast
of the image.

– Setting up color images (each color
separately regulated – RGB channels).

– Adjust the sharpness of the image

– Ability to convert color images to
black and white.

– Imposition of an image "Sepia" filter.

– Placement of text in the image (any
text, date from the EXIF header,

 date of file creation) with the ability
to customize the font type, color and font size,

 ability to coordinate a text string in
the picture, the angular inclination of the textual

 strings, adjust the transparency of the
text string.

– Opportunity to apply the settings to
many photos (batch processing).

Supported operating systems: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista.


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