Photo Makeup Editor 1.25

Photo Makeup Editor
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Photo Makeup Editor

The name of Photo Makeup Editor speaks for itself. It’s all about making photographed people look better. If you forgot to do your morning makeup the day one of your favorite pictures was taken, don’t worry – this software program got it all covered! From regular makeup procedures to changing the hair color and even performing digital “plastic surgery” – all of these features are available in Photo Makeup Editor immediately after installation. The program has a simple and unambiguous user interface with large icons, so you won’t get lost among dozens of panes, palettes, menus and tabs – everything will be right in front of your eyes. Photo Makeup Editor allows you to experiment with your appearance – change the color of your skin, add tan, wedding, oriental, retro or evening makeup or simply go wild and try everything!

If you like to experiment with your appearance or just need to be able to quickly add a little twist to your familiar photos, don’t look for anything complex or professional – all you need is a decent photo retouch tool. Photo Makeup Editor is an ideal candidate for the job, so give this awesome digital makeup tool a try as soon as possible!

Features of Photo Makeup Editor

· Apply lipstick, rouge, eye shadow, and powder.
· Apply line eyelids and change eye color.
· Reduce or remove wrinkles. Fix skin blemishes.
· Reshape any aspect of the face and body.
· Allows you to lighten up the skin or add a suntan.
· Change hair color or even highlight hair.
· Change facial expression. Create attractive smile.
· Adjust brightness, contrast and color on the face.


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