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PhotoWaterMarker 1.5.3

PhotoWaterMarker is a great utility that helps you protect your images and photos by adding watermarks. You can either add custom text as a watermark (for example, a copyright message, your url, etc.) or even your logo or any other image. The size, transparency, colour and position of the watermark on images can be customised using PhotoWaterMarker’s easy-to-use configuration screen.

PhotoWaterMarker also allows you to watermark a batch of images in one go, to make the process of publishing your images much faster and automatic.

PhotoWaterMarker is an ideal tool for photographers, web publishers and designers who send their works to their customers via the Internet or who have a lot of images on their websites. By adding copyright text or logos, they can protect their work from unauthorised use. The watermark can be positioned in several ways – centred, at one of the corners, or even tiled across the image. PhotoWaterMarker can also be used to add titles or descriptions to help organise large sets of images.

Main features:

  • Adds custom text or logos as watermarks to photos.
  • Provides several different ways of ‘blending’ the watermark with the image, e.g. transparent watermarks, embossed watermarks, lattice blending, dissolve, screen blending, hard light blending, and much much more.
  • Watermark size, colour, and transparency are customisable.
  • Provides different ways of positioning the watermark, e.g. centered, corners, tiled, etc.
  • Batch watermarking of a group of images.
  • Supports all popular image formats, including JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF, etc.


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