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RasterVect 15.5

The purpose of RasterVect is to quickly convert uneditable scanned paper drawings into accurate vector files for editing (as a CAD drawing) in any CAD program. It saves the converted file as one of vector formats: DXF, WMF, EMF, EPS or AI that can be read by any CAD program that supports these formats, including AutoCAD R14, 2000, LT and similar, like Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, Microstation, VectorWorks, TrueCAD, FastCAD and many others.

There are viewing tools like zooming, scrolling and color selection. RasterVect has: TWAIN support for importing from any scanners; the ability to automatically recognize orthogonal and inclined lines, as well as arcs and circles; the ability to maintain the scale of the initial paper drawing. RasterVect can transform a grey and colored images in black-and-white for subsequent recognition; can change a turn of the raster image; can correct union points of lines, arcs and circles. There is also support for lines, arcs and circles alignment.

It’s a direct replacement for traditional tracing and digitizing. It saves a lot of time. It is quicker than tracing with a digitizer. You will probably be able to load a raster file (like BMP, TIFF, PCX -file) into your CAD program – nowadays most CAD programs can import and display raster files. However, once you have imported a raster file into your CAD program you will find that all you can do is look at it or trace over it. You cannot change or edit it.

Once you have converted the raster file to vector you will be able to import it into your CAD program and edit it just like any other drawing you have created using your CAD program. The list below summarises the process of converting a paper drawing to a CAD drawing using a raster to vector converter:

  • Create a raster file by scanning the paper drawing into RasterVect using a scanner.
  • Use RasterVect to convert the raster file into a vector file.
  • Import the vector file into your CAD program.
  • Edit the drawing in your CAD program.


  • Four various conversion methods (outline, centerline etc).
  • Color and black-and-white images vectorization.
  • Orthogonal lines, inclined lines, polygons, arcs and circles recognition .
  • ORTHO and SNAP modes.
  • Keeping of the initial drawing scale (in english or metric measurement units).
  • Batch Mode.
  • Recognition Wizard.
  • Windows interface and command line interface.
  • Decreasing and increasing of raster lines thickness.
  • Image and paper resizing.
  • Image rotation any angle by various methods.
  • Image deskew by various methods.
  • Horizontal and vertical flip.
  • Image invert conversion.
  • Selected region cropping.
  • Conversion to gray scale and negative.
  • Conversions of true color to black/white images with ordered or threshold dithering and with Floyd-Steinberg algorithm.
  • Color to other color replacing .
  • Median cut and Neural network color quantizers, for fast and accurate color reduction.
  • Reduction to any number of colors (with colormap output).
  • HSV and RGB channels separations.
  • Color equalization.
  • Regulation of contrast, HSL, HSV/ HSB and RGB components.
  • Copying, cut and paste into a new or existing window of all or part of the image.
  • Application effects to the selected zones (also irregular).
  • Raster filters: median, smoothing, average, despeckle and so on.
  • Holes removing.
  • Application of 3×3 filters.
  • Fast Fourier Transformation (FFT) with preview.
  • Maximum (dilation), Minimum (erosion), Opening and Closing filters with preview.
  • Picture filters (wallis, soften, sharpen, color emboss, gaussian blur, morph, antialias, remove red eyes, auto equalize and user filters).
  • Contour filters (edge detect, find edges and trace).
  • 50+ various art, distortion and noise raster effects.
  • Preview of all the effects in a single dialog, with 8 preset filters and save/load filters from file.
  • Progress monitoring for image processing tasks.
  • Multilevel Undo/Redo for raster editing.
  • Macro commands (in batch process also).



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