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SoftColor Toolbox 2.2

SoftColor Toolbox is a color correction, image processing and color management command line software tool. All processing uses SoftColor’s layer based color correction and image processing engine.

SoftColor Toolbox reads multiple image formats and raw camera formats. Toolbox can save processed images in JPEG, TIFF, PNG and PSD formats. It also handles ICC color profiles. You can convert and render between RGB and CMYK color spaces. A major benefit is the special feature for multi layer output in Photoshop PSD files. Toolbox also includes handy server tools for bulk background directory processing.

Toolbox is an easy to use tool with simple command line interface. Toolbox is based on command line parameters and configuration files. It uses INI-file format for configuration files. Behind color correction automation is our in-house developed spectral illumination detection algorithm. This makes possible to learn a computer think colors like a human being. This gives you automatic and fully tweakable solution to fix color balance, exposure and contrast problems in your digital images.

For end user this means that all color balance, contrast and exposure problems can be fixed automatically. A major benefit in SoftColor Toolbox is layer based processing. This gives to you full freedom adjust processing as you want. You can simple select which processing layers you want to use with your images. In color correction you easily can adjust correction intensity to get colors which feels good to you.

SoftColor Toolbox includes support for standard ICC profile based color management. You can convert and render for example between RGB and CMYK color spaces and deal with many other color spaces. Toolbox version 2.2 has been updated to support v4 ICC profiles.

You can use color management with color correction and image processing or you can use toolbox only for color management.



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